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Faster Pain Relief and Better Health at Newman Chiropractic

With same-day appointments available, Dr. Daniel Doyle is ready to help you find better health today. At Newman Chiropractic, our focus is on getting your spine back into its ideal position. Addressing your body’s structure means that you will be able to function at your highest potential.

So how do we do that? In effect, spinal segments in your neck, rib cage and lower back, as well as your pelvis, are stretched, pulled and/or pushed into proper alignment by gently forcing the skeletal, muscular, ligamentous and nervous systems away from their incorrect positions. Over time, and with carefully prescribed amounts of pressure and duration, mirror-image spinal remodeling has been show to help restore proper alignment.

A Powerful Impact on Health

Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of chiropractic care. Your brain and body are connected, and your nervous system is the body’s central control system. Our approach will focus on all of your body’s communication systems so that you can reach the greatest levels of health. Part of what we do as your chiropractor Pittsburgh is work to educate you on your body so that you are empowered to maintain your health.

A Variety of Solutions

Dr. Doyle is well-versed in many different chiropractic techniques. This expertise enables us to provide healing care to all ages and conditions. You may have seen other health care professionals and not gotten the results you had hoped for. We are confident that you will find what you are looking for with the help of our natural and effective health care.

Insurance Coverage Information

We are in-network providers for all local insurance plans in our area. Plans include:

  • Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • UPMC
  • Cigna
  • Health America
  • Aetna
  • Automobile accidents
  • Worker’s compensation

Have you been looking for a new solution to meet your health goals? Give our office a call today to schedule a consultation! (412) 781-5040

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